ALX3000 is a Usenet newsreader for Mac OS X. The initial codebase was developed by Constantin and Erik, the guys behind the popular Alexandra newsreader for NeXTSTEP when they realised that that newsreader, while being alive and well, needed more than a bit of refactoring to be extended any further. As a result ALX3000 is lean and fast, makes good use of Cocoa and is designed to be extensible.

While being usable as a reader already, there is a good bit of functionality missing. Therefore, it is probably more interesting for developers at the moment who are interested in helping to complete the application or who would like to start adding advances features, collaborative filtering for example.

The project is implemented using Cocoa/Objective-C and builds on all recent versions of Mac OS X. Additional frameworks required are EDCommon and EDMessage, both of which are OpenSource under a BSD like license. The latter contains all code that is required for message handling, decoding of MIME messages for example.

Downloads are currently not available from this page. Please go to the file list on the SourceForge site.

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